The Writer's Toolkit: Strategies for Writing in the New Media

The Writer’s Toolkit consists of a comprehensive range of strategies for writing, with a particular focus on writing in the new, digital media. Each “overt instruction update” is presented as a focused mini-lesson that can be delivered as an update through the Community area of Scholar. These updates cover the Common Core State Standards for Writing and Language. Every one of these overt instruction updates is also to be found in one of the in the Literacies Learning Modules, so if your classes cover the whole of these modules, they will cover the CCSS standards. The purpose of this Writer’s Toolkit is so that teachers can use these supplementary instructional updates as and when needed by their students.

Following are some examples of the Writer’s Toolkit updates:
• Constructive Feedback: Reviews
• Incorporating Media in Writing
• Different Kinds of Argument Sentences
• Pacing in Narratives
• Transition Words in Arguments and Informative/Explanatory Texts
• Internet Searches and Citing References
• Reading and Inferring
• Note Taking
• Analyzing Paragraphs in Arguments
• Paragraphs in Informative/Explanatory Texts
• Arguments in Blogs
• Facts and Details in Opinions
• Point of View
• Structure of Arguments
• Structure of Informative/Explanatory Texts
• Author's Purpose
• Characterization: Showing versus Telling
• Figures of Speech: Similes and Metaphors
• Sequencing Events and Experiences in Narratives
• Active and Passive Voice
• Vocabulary and Spelling