Document Your Instructional Designs

The Learning Module is a new, digital format—part lesson plan, part discussion starter, part digital curriculum resource. It replaces the textbook, returning curriculum content and design power to teachers.

Every teacher with a Scholar account can make Learning Modules. They use the Learning Module to:

  • Plan their learning designs.
  • Deliver content and activities directly to their students’ activity streams from the Learning Module.
  • Share their Learning Module with other teachers in their school, as well as parents, and anyone else with whom they “peer”.
  • Build a portfolio of learning resources, which can be continually updated based on insights gained during delivery to learners.
  • Make this portfolio public, for instance, when applying for a new job.

Beyond your school:

  • The Scholar team curates high quality learning modules into the publicly accessible Scholar Bookstore, where ...
  • They can be given away at no charge, or sold, per module or in a series of modules on a whole-school subscription basis — and we pay generous royalties (feature coming soon).

For instructions on how to create a Learning Module, visit here.