Feedback, Feedback, Feedback

In traditional assessment, teachers and learners had to wait until the end of the term or year to reach a conclusion like “B+”, a conclusion that came too late and did not offer them specific feedback to advance their learning.

Scholar’s Learning Module is “chunked” into small pieces, every one of which:

  • Requires a student response.
  • Provides many kinds of immediate formative assessment feedback for the learner (rubric-based reviews, annotations, a language checker, surveys, discussion responses, and more).
  • Adds, increment by increment, to a learner’s progress view in Scholar’s Analytics area.

Big Data Comes to School

Every small piece of feedback helps the learner. Every small piece of feedback is also a datapoint, and these datapoints add up to an overall picture of learner progress over time, and individual learner progress in relation to their peers—thousands, even millions of datapoints.
The datapoints are small, but the learning data is big—providing a comprehensive view of learner activity.
We have a vision for education—to make all assessment formative (for learning: prospective and constructive feedback) rather of summative (of learning: retrospective and judgmental feedback). We still have summative assessment, but this is no more than a retrospective view of learner progress based on data  that was always in the first instance formative. One day soon, traditional tests may come to be seen as ineffective and inaccurate measures of learning. The test is dead. Long live assessment! (We have written about this vision - take this link to find out more.)