Scholar's Impacts

Scholar transforms the work of publishers, librarians and teachers.

For publishers:

  • Put an end to the inefficient, labor-intensive workflows of first generation digital publishing. In a unified platform, Scholar enhances time-honored workflows, empowering a broader range of authors, publishers and community admins to take their work to the world—with less effort and thus at a lower cost.
  • Offer authors true multimodal publication, with any mix of text, video, audio, data, code—in fact any and all digital content.
  • Offer authors a production house environment that enlists more of their energies pre-publication. Just a few examples: Peer reviewers can offer copy-edit suggestions, subject to creator and publisher approval. Through semantic markup, creators commence the typesetting process. And a tiny change fixed by a creator and approved by a publisher will be immediately reflected in all formats, even the next printed book purchased. 
  • Harness social media energies of authors, editors, and knowledge/culture ‘community admins’.
  • Offer free content generated for lower costs beside content for sale or subscription.
  • Stop giving punishing percentages of sales to the behemoth online stores and digital distribution platforms. Keep most of the revenue for yourself and your authors.

In libraries:

  • Become a knowledge/cultural maker place, not just a site for knowledge/cultural storage.
  • Subscribe to a rich portfolio of digital content.