Scholar for Publishers

Scholar is a ‘social knowledge’ technology.

By ‘social knowledge’, we mean to capture the spirit of some of the big transformations of our times. We also mean to be different from ‘social media’ and mainstream ‘digital publishing’.

Honoring the Traditions of Publishing in the Era of Digital Media

Scholar brings to the digital era, the community and professional values of publishing—to curate, refine and distribute culture and knowledge. But it supports knowledge, culture and learning ecologies in new and dynamic ways.

... works without the frictions of heritage ‘personal computing’ architectures (documents, files, folders, emails ... chaotically strewn across individual devices). Instead, Scholar offers a cloud space smoothly supporting production cycles for the creation of works, structured feedback, versioning and multimodal publication.

... the progress of individuals and groups, monitoring publishing communities, or evaluating community reach and knowledge outcomes.

... published works in a range of electronic and/or print formats, for free or for sale, on a per-work basis or by subscription to collections or series, in publisher/community/school and author/creator/student portfolio pages.

... in communities of common interest, be they to publish scholarly or trade journals and books, or to manage organizational knowledge, or to support informal interest groups, or to create learning environments which focus on students as knowledge producers (a place to represent, refine and communicate their knowledge) rather than consumers of transmitted content.