Scholar—Analytics offers an array of knowledge and learning analytics. A personal analytics page records your community activity, and the projects you are participating in as a creator or co-coordinating as a publishing admin.

If you are a publishing admin, you also have a comparative view of a whole project involving multiple participants, including: the number of versions each person has created; average version length; the amount of change between versions; academic language level (vocabulary, syntax etc. expressed as a grade-level reading equivalent); average peer, self and publishing admin and overall review ratings; the number of reviews authored; average review length; the number of annotations offered; and an overall score based on all these variables.

On any variable, data that is one standard deviation above the norm is highlighted in green, and one standard deviation below in red. Analytics can be run at any time during or at the end of a project. It is also possible to drill down into specifics of individual learners, and all versions of their works.