Scholar—Bookstore is where content created in Scholar can be given away, sold or offered to subscribers in print and electronic (PDF and web) formats. Every Scholar user has a library where they can keep purchased and free works that they have saved.
For Schools, Colleges, and Universities:
One of the electronic formats offered through Bookstore is the innovative Learning Module. Learning Modules are learning designs that take the form of suggested activity sequences. Three types of activity are offered:

  • Chunks of curated content that can be posted to Community that prompt student response and class dialogue.The traditional textbook summarized the world; the Learning Module curates the world of web-accessible content.
  • Creator projects with review rubrics, taking participants through drafting, feedback (peer, self and/or publishing admin), revision and publication phases.
  • Surveys that can be distributed to groups, either in the form of knowledge surveys (where there are right or wrong answers), or information surveys (where there are no right or wrong answers). These include multiple selected response and supply response (open-ended) question types.

At the Frontiers of Innovation:

In the the Scholar Bookstore, publishers can distribute journals and books—either at no charge in the case of open access publishers, at a price, or through library subscriptions.