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Scholar is deeply grounded in research into the nature of learning.

Scholar is built on cutting edge web publishing technologies.

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Community - a peer discussion space (free)
Creator - a multimodal writing and feedback space (free)
Publisher - a space to organize projects, from drafting, to feedback, to revision, to web publication (a modest license fee)
Dashboard - knowledge analytics (free)
Bookstore - bringing to you learning modules, articles and books (many for free)

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Scholar in School

“I loved this tool. I got constructive criticism from peers, and when I read over my own story, I agreed with them!”—Grade 8 Scholar

“... [My students] are listening to each other. I have been giving them comments all year, and mostly they ignore those. But [in Scholar] they seem to hear each other!”—Teacher

Hear what some teachers have to say about their experience using Scholar:

  Toya Downs       Erin Miller

Steve Rayburn    Aaron Winick

  Chris Zilinski


Scholar in Higher-Ed

With its bottom-up focus on student work, instead of the top-down course transmission focus of Learning Management Systems, Scholar represents a new generation of digital learning environments.


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